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Process Modelling with Event-driven Process Chains

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Over 20 years of EPC modelling without an EPC standard?

Event-driven process chains (EPCs) have been used to create business process models from the early 90s and are still used in research and practice today. Since 1992, where EPCs have been presented by G. Keller, M. Nüttgens and A.-W. Scheer at the University of Saarbrücken, the EPC modelling language has been described, further developed, extended and modified by dozens of different authors.

However, up to today, there is still no accepted standard for the EPC modelling language, which caused several different EPC dialects to appear and disappear over the last decades. Therefore, the main goal of the SPEAK project is to prepare a standardization process for the EPC modelling language, which can be submitted as a DIN specification at a later point in time.

Developing an EPC Standard

Our goal is to integrate a large part of the EPC community in the process of EPC standardization. Therefore, the standardization procedure is supported by an collaborative web-tool, which allows an interactive, wiki-based creation of an EPC standard.

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